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Android Q

Android Q Features

The new Android Q has all that users were looking for for a long time. The Beta versions have been released making a whole lot of suspense as what may be added in the full release. The annual Google IO was held on May 2019 at Mountain View, California. A lot of announcements were made and people are eagerly waiting for the full release of Android Q which is scheduled nearly in October 2019. The main features categorized by are ;

  • Security and privacy
  • Android Beam
  • Live captions
  • Facial Recognition

Security and privacy

Many apps on the Play Store have been found to scrap the user data in many different ways even after subsequent denial by the customer. The apps access the location and share it with others too. Android Q is bringing new features in which users will get an option to allow location access in three different ways:

  1. All the time
  2. Until the apps are running in the background

This option is available in the notification menu and users can set it accordingly.

Android Beam

Android Beam is a technology of transferring files and media from one Android phone to another. Its been a part of Android since Android 4 (Ice Cream) version. Android Q is reportedly removing the feature in it full Android Q release.

Live Captions

Live Caption is a new upcoming feature of Android Q. The feature will show captions for any media being played. The most surprising part of it is that the feature is available offline. For more details on the same visit android 10 features

Facial Recognition

Android Q is also updating the facial recognition ergonomics in the Full release of the version. It is still not very clear as to how this new feature is going to work but surely it’s going to be very much improved in terms of security and accuracy.

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